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172 Kids Affirmations [Confidence Boosters]

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Today, let’s talk about something super important – affirmations for kids. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself in order to boost…

151 Brilliant Glow Up Affirmations

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Transform your life with daily glow up affirmations! Use these powerful affirmations to boost self-confidence and manifest your dream life. #glowupaffirmations

218 New Year Affirmations

New Year Affirmations featured image
It's that time of the year again when the year resets. Read up on these new year affirmations to help you set the path straight for the year!

40 Stoic Affirmations: How They Can Guide You

Stoic Affirmations featured image
Stoic affirmations are a powerful way to give you guidance in your life and how you can find success with it. In this blog post, we'll discuss more and show you examples that you can adapt for your own use.

279 Encouragement Affirmations For Others

Encouragement Affirmations For Others featured image
Making use of Encouragement Affirmations For Others is a great way to motivate and inspire your friends, family, and colleagues. Grab a list of powerful ones you can use now!

101 Affirmations for Waking Up Early

Affirmations for Waking Up Early featured image
Using affirmations for waking up early is a powerful way to get motivated and stick to your new routine of being early. Get the list and learn extra tips.

EFT Tapping Affirmations: Beginners Guide

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Does EFT tapping affirmations work? I have prepared this post to address the questions above and also show you how you can get started with this unique technique to get rid of negative roadblocks in your life.

132 Powerful Affirmations for Black Youths

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Learning to love yourself can be the difference between success and failure in the long run. I hope this list of affirmations for black youths can help your kids to build up self-love and self-respect!

448 Powerful I AM Affirmations for Positivity

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Read through this post as I share with you the power of affirmations, how you can make use of them, followed by a big list of I AM Affirmations that will motivate and inspire you to take action!

176 Biblical Affirmations To Transform Your Life

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Biblical affirmations are statements that can help you live a life filled with joy and contentment. These ancient affirmations come from the Bible and have been used for hundreds of years to encourage, uplift, and inspire people.

249 Feel Good Affirmations To Feel Happier NOW

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We all have a bad day or a bad week. It’s no secret. Sometimes you wake up and think “What can go wrong today?” Well, I’d like to change that for you by sharing a bunch of feel good affirmations.

238 Vision Board Affirmations For Daily Motivation

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Vision board affirmations are great additions to manifest this future you. Whatever method you choose to start your vision board, remember that there is no right or wrong way to do so as long as it feels authentic to you.

146 Wednesday Affirmations For Mid Week Booster​

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Let us welcome the middle of the work week with positive Wednesday affirmations! This is a part of a series of daily positive affirmations that I hope will give you motivation, inspiration, and the energy to go about achieving and crushing your goals!

306 Monday Affirmations To Start The Week Right​

monday affirmations featured image
Today we begin a series of affirmations for each day of the week. They are meant to be positive affirmations to perk you up and motivate you as you get through your daily lives, and we start with Monday affirmations.

416 Travel Affirmations That Helps Travelers Achieve More​

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While we all wish that each trip goes perfectly, there are times when things don't always go our way. Which is why before each trip, it is good to start travel affirmations, whether it is to see your dreams comes through, to travel safely, or to find the greatest adventures.

711 Affirmations For Creativity To Spark Your Talents​

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Affirmations have been proven to help people across many different situations and even for specific professions such as writers, realtors, and traders. In this post, we look at something that is more personal: affirmations for creativity.

288 Affirmations For Parents Who Need Support​

Affirmations for parents are a great way to keep you feeling positive about things and prevent burn out. It can be very tiring looking after a child, watching them go through different stages and challenges in life, or facing their thoughtless comments.

375 Positive Affirmations For Good Luck And Fortune

affirmations for good luck featured image
They say that fortune favors the bold, but what they didn't tell you is how you can get about being just that. Practicing positive affirmations for good luck puts you in the driver's seat to manifest better luck in your life, and this post is full of these affirmations to help you out.

Morning Positive Affirmations 10 minutes Series – Ep1

The Morning Positive Affirmations 10 minutes series was created to help you kickstart your day with positivity! You will be surprised at how effective and powerful daily affirmations can impact your life for the better, increasing your Law of Attraction and bringing you little miracles.
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