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280 Positive Affirmations For Change

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In this post, I will be sharing a list of positive affirmations for change to help you cope with the difficulties you might be facing right now or in the future.

266 Useful Meditation Affirmations: How To Use Them

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Using positive affirmations and meditation are both very powerful ways to develop the right mindset and bring calm and stability into our lives. Meditation has been a large part of my life and it is where I find my sanctuary.

281 Courage Affirmations To Be A Braver YOU

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Courage affirmations are positive statements that will help you with your mental health and get rid of your fears. In order to achieve this, you will need to write down those affirmations and repeat them every day.

276 Affirmations For Drug Recovery And Sobriety

Struggling with substance abuse can be a lifelong battle, and sometimes that life is not even that long. Trying to get out of it is extremely tough, and it requires the strongest of minds to do it. This post will share with you some affirmations for drug recovery which you can use to strengthen your mind, draw some positivity, and eventually kick the habit.

296 Affirmations For Life Purpose And Direction

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Do you sometimes feel lost and unsure about what to do with your life? Start getting back on track by reciting daily affirmations for life purpose and direction and bring to light what's really important to you.

Ultimate List Of 859 Healing Affirmations For Your Mind, Body, And Soul​

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As we trudge along in this journey of life, we encounter several situations where our mind, body, and soul gets tested and have to bear the scars, be it emotional or physical. We cannot allow ourselves to be stuck in a rut or keep having negative feelings as that is highly detrimental to our health. In this post, we have put together a list of healing affirmations that can help you feel better, find balance, and heal your emotional baggage.

Massive List Of 559 Self Improvement and Personal Growth Affirmations

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In our journey of life, it is important to strive for positive growth and constantly be our better self. Through positive affirmations, we can develop the right mindset to help us achieve that. Whenever you are feeling down or feel stagnant, make use of this list of self improvement and personal growth affirmations to lift your spirits and keep on going. Do not let depression set in!

363 Affirmations For Depression To Boost Your Mood​

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Depression is a serious mental disorder that affects an estimated 264 million people worldwide. Those who live with it have to go through very tough times and thoughts, with some eventually choosing suicide as an end. Unfortunately, not every victim has access to treatment, and it is in our hope that the following affirmations for depression can help someone out.

336 Affirmations For Writers Who Needs Support​

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Are you a writer? I have no doubt that positive affirmations for writers can change things around and make things better. After all, I practice them daily and I feel incredibly positive about life. Although the challenges are clear and present, the mind is strong and can overcome them.

421 Affirmations For Energy To Uplift Your Mood​

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The key to having lots of energy lies in your mind. When you get rid of the negative thoughts and start practicing positive affirmations for energy, you will soon see a huge difference it can make to your life.

185 Affirmations For Overthinking and Worrying

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By making use of this list of affirmations for overthinking, you can start to calm your thoughts, get rid of your fears, and let you finally be in control again. Ultimately, you can even learn to detach from worry itself.

218 Affirmations For Protection And Grounding​

Whichever type of protection affirmation you seek, whether it is something religious or something spiritual for you, you can make use of the list here to boost your positivity and get past these trying times. Let your mind lead the way and protect the energy you have in you, especially when you feel unclear, fearful, or disconnected.

296 Affirmations For Decluttering And Getting Organized

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Living a clutter free life can have positive effects for everyone. You might be motivated to make changes, but how do you get started with so many obstacles in your way? A useful step to take is to practice positive decluttering and organization affirmations. They breed a positive mindset to deal with the mess in your mind and lead you in the right direction to clear them up.

308 Calming Affirmations To Quiet Your Mind​

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Do you have an anxious mind that needs calming? To cope with that, positive thinking is one of the best ways to help you out. Instead of focusing on your the things that cause tension and stress, a simple mindset shift can dramatically change your life. Using the power of calming affirmations to manifest a positive state of mind, it helps you by relaxing your brain and focusing on the right objectives, leading to better results in the things you do.

422 Body Image Affirmations To Supercharge Your Body​

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If you always feed your brain with negative thoughts, you will somehow develop a self fulfilling prophecy. To get out of this rut, we encourage you to make use of these positive body image affirmations and start building up confidence and self-trust.
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