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276 Affirmations For Drug Recovery And Sobriety

Struggling with substance abuse can be a lifelong battle, and sometimes that life is not even that long. Trying to get out of it is extremely tough, and it requires the strongest of minds to do it. This post will share with you some affirmations for drug recovery which you can use to strengthen your mind, draw some positivity, and eventually kick the habit.

271 Sleep Affirmations For Relaxation And Deep Sleep

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Are you having trouble sleeping? Or you feel that you are not getting restful sleep each night? I am no sleep expert but I know that sleeping well is one of the most important things we can do in our lives. The trouble: we sometimes have too many things on our minds that impedes the quality of our snooze time. In this post, I will share a list of sleep affirmations that can help with insomnia and getting that quality sleep that you deserve.

520 Fertility Affirmations To Become A Mummy​

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The physical part of conception is one aspect, from getting your body healthy and nourished to watching and timing your menstrual cycle. These are all important, but couples frequently forget about the mental aspect, which is as important as anything else. While fertility affirmations cannot physically help you conceive, they play a big part in preparing your mind to be stress free and relaxed, leading to a smooth delivery of your baby.

522 Eating Disorder Affirmations To Help You Recover​

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Suffering from eating disorder is a serious condition that many people face. To cope with this, you can make use of this list of eating disorder affirmations to reinforce the positive thoughts needed and calm your mind and build confidence and trust in yourself.
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