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306 Crown Chakra Affirmations For Healing And Balancing​

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Are you finding it hard to focus on things? Having an unbalanced crown chakra is likely the cause of your constant distractions and drama in your life. In order to balance and heal it, it is highly recommended to recite crown chakra affirmations.

377 Sacral Chakra Affirmations For Effective Healing

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Are you feeling feeling out of balance emotionally, sexually or creatively? These could be signs that your sacral chakra is imbalanced, and now is the time to seek healing and improvements. In order to do so, you might want to make use of sacral chakra affirmations along with other self care techniques to remove this blockage.

264 Powerful Throat Chakra Affirmations To Balance And Heal Now​

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Chakras relate to the flow of energy in our bodies, and it is important to keep them unblocked and open to facilitate the flow. However, from time to time, we might find ourselves in situations where one or more chakra is blocked and this causes a negative experience to us. In this post, I will be sharing about throat chakra affirmations and how they can help you to find balance and start healing.

267 Heart Chakra Affirmations For Deep Healing

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In this post, you will learn more about heart chakra and also have a list of heart chakra affirmations that you can use for deep healing.  The heart chakra is the bridge between your body, mind, and spirit, and it is important to keep it unblocked. With your heart chakra in alignment, you are free to feel love, compassion, and empathy for others, and most importantly, for yourself too.