185 Affirmations For Overthinking and Worrying

If you are someone who overthinks everything, this can become an unhealthy habit that is hard to quit, just like alcohol addiction. It certainly does more harm than good, and can affect your life in many ways. Whether you are overthinking about love, life, money, relationships, or just about anything, the end effect is harmful to your mind and well being.

By making use of this list of affirmations for overthinking, you can start to calm your thoughts, get rid of your fears, and let you finally be in control again. Ultimately, you can even learn to detach from worry itself.

Overthinking is actually a form of anxiety that exists to protect yourself, but by overdoing it, you can end up wasting a lot of time and energy on things that might not even be important to you. This is especially true for empaths or Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).

Make use of these positive affirmations to stop worrying and manifest a positive life for yourself. You can do it!

At at the end of this post, you will also find some simple tips that can help you to stop overthinking, so be sure to read till the end. 

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How to use affirmations?

  • Identify the negative thoughts that you wish to get rid of or something that you wish to manifest. Affirmations work in both scenarios, but you need to be clear about what you want.
  • Use the following list as a source of inspiration and guidance. You may use any affirmation as it is, or modify it to make it your own. The key thing here is that the affirmations MUST resonate with you and is a statement you truly believe in.
  • Pick out at least 2 affirmations and start using them. 
  • Begin a routine of practicing at least twice a day of reciting the affirmations with each session lasting 3-5 minutes. Repeat each one 10-15 times daily. You can do this in front of a mirror, or speak out loud, or do it in your mind. Do not skip any sessions.
  • Download and print out your own affirmations worksheet below to use as a guide for manifestation. Stick it on your mirror/journal/vision board, or anywhere you can easily access throughout the day so that it can serve as a constant reminder to you. 
  • Alternatively, you can check out our Daily Positive Affirmations Cards that is designed and organized for you. All you need to do is print them and take it everywhere you go!
  • Be patient! It usually takes a month or so to see results.
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List Of Affirmations To Stop Overthinking

The list below covers a wide spectrum of situations which are related to overthinking. Here’s a quick overview:

Affirmations to stop worrying about the future

Affirmations to stop worrying about money

Affirmations to stop worrying about the past

Affirmations to stop worrying about work

Affirmations to stop overthinking

Affirmations for obsessive thoughts

  • I am far greater than the sum of my thoughts.
  • There is no need to worry about pleasing people all the time.
  • I am free from worry and fear.
  • When I use positive self-talk I feel calmer and more in control.
  • I can help myself by breathing in relaxation and breathing out tension.
  • This will pass.
  • I can accept things and simply move on.
  • I self-discipline myself.
  • I have peace of mind.
  • My mind is at peace right here at this moment.
  • I have power over my mind.
  • The past is over, I live in the present.
  • All is well in this moment.
  • I will make it through this.
  • I am thankful to be able to see myself for who I really am instead of the lies my fears created for me.
  • I am attracting wealth and prosperity.
  • The true beauty of life can only be found in the present moment.
  • I release the need to empower worry with my constant thoughts.
  • I will focus on reality.
  • I do not need to fear what is about to happen.
  • I can go the other way.
  • I am naturally in control over my mind.
  • I may feel out of control, but I still control my actions.
  • Everything is working out for my good.
  • I am leading a life of happiness and calm.
  • I receive financial abundance in all ways.
  • I am full of peace and joy.
  • I am living in the present moment.
  • I work in a calm and peaceful environment.
  • I am healing.
  • I naturally keep an open mind.
  • I create the world I am in.
  • I am at peace with my life.
  • I choose to replace worry with love and acceptance.
  • I avoid over-analyzing things.
  • I easily solve any work related challenge.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • I have a leash on my thoughts.
  • I will rise above my obsessive thoughts.
  • I release all negativity.
  • I can make it through this.
  • I am in charge of my life and mind.
  • When I keep my stress levels low my mood improves.
  • I am dominant over my thoughts.
  • I will overcome obsessive thinking.
  • I have the power to create the life I want.
  • I am always able to refocus my thoughts on something more helpful.
  • I surrender my fear and doubts, as they do not serve me.
  • I will focus on what makes me happy.
  • I trust the process of life.
  • I refuse to have this thought any longer.
  • I trust myself to make the right decisions.
  • I release the need for control over things.
  • I am in control of my thoughts.
  • I am free from overthinking.
  • I will be aware of my obsessive thoughts.
  • I know I am totally overthinking this.
  • I am calm.
  • I am going to be okay.
  • My mind is calm and at ease.
  • I challenge improbable thoughts.
  • I will not let my imagination plant improbable futures into my mind.
  • I am financially stable.
  • I can forget things that are no longer important.
  • I will make the decision when I feel calm, balanced and have thought about everything logically.
  • My mind is still and peaceful.
  • This is not the end of the world.
  • I will concentrate on the present moment.
  • Dominating over my obsessive thoughts comes naturally to me.
  • I am choosing to free myself from stress or worry.
  • I let go of my stress and anxiety.
  • I can easily manifest financial abundance.
  • I am joyful and have peace of mind.
  • I let go of past issues and worries.
  • Money comes easily to me.
  • I have to stop worrying about what might happen and remember that I am in control of what happens right now.
  • All is well in my world.
  • I release the past and now live in the present moment.
  • I will not worry about things out of my control.
  • I am able to step back and evaluate the situation.
  • I will overcome anything that unfolds for me.
  • I can relax under mental pressure.
  • I enjoy a quiet mind when I need it.
  • I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
  • I am free from worries.
  • I will stop letting my imagination get the better of me.
  • I know when my thoughts are accurate or not.
  • I cut the strings to my obsessive thoughts and let them drift away.
  • I am able to reprogram my mind to be more helpful.
  • I can do this.
  • I release all negative thoughts that do not serve me.
  • I have strong authority over my mind.
  • I bury obsessive thoughts with logical thinking.
  • I contribute and make a difference at my work.
  • Neither the past present or future can be changed through my overthinking.
  • Today I am happy to just let things be.
  • I am going to breathe and clear my mind.
  • Challenges only bring me closer to my goals.
  • I am capable of making the right decisions.
  • As scary as this feeling is, I know I can get through this.
quotes about overthinking
  • I believe in, trust, and have confidence in myself.
  • I am capable of managing what happens in my life without anxiety.
  • I will not be held back by the past.
  • This feeling is temporary, I will feel better soon.
  • I inhale relaxation, I exhale tension.
  • I cannot change my past so there is no point in worrying about it.
  • I am thankful for moments of clarity.
  • I will let go of what I can’t control and work on what I can.
  • I act when it is necessary to do so.
  • I will face any obstacle with courage and wisdom.
  • I can switch off my thoughts at will.
  • I just know I can abolish my obsessive thoughts.
  • I am always happy to let go and move on.
  • I am capable of relaxing my thought processes so they are grounded in reality.
  • Being calm is a natural thing for me.
  • I am going to survive this.
  • I am free to let go of fear.
  • There’s no need to worry, God has me.
  • I am willing to change my life.
  • My thinking is always clear and uncomplicated.
  • I am here in the present moment.
  • My mind is uncluttered.
  • I am happy and confident just as things are.
  • I have freedom of choice.
  • I only exist right now.
  • I am strong, I am powerful, I am calm.
  • I am gaining perspective and seeing reality.
  • I am able to still my mind.
  • I am calm, confident and centered.
  • I will be mindful and aware of my body and space.
  • I have free and unrestricted cash flow.
  • My mind is clear and my body relaxed.
  • I am attracting good things into my life.
  • My mind is relaxed.
  • I am confident about the future.
  • Every day I am becoming a more relaxed person.
  • The past is over, the present is in my control, the future will be okay.
  • I am surrounded by great colleagues.
  • I choose to exist right now.
  • I will stay calm and not let fear get the best of me.
  • My mind is free from destructive thoughts.
  • I am financially free.
  • I am grateful for my past experiences.
  • I am doing great at my job.
  • I am prioritizing my happiness.
  • I don’t need to analyze my thoughts because I know that everything is ok.
  • I am using my mental energy to focus on what I want to happen.
  • When I distract myself I am creating solutions to overthinking.
  • I naturally see things as they really are.
  • I hold the power to control my thoughts if I choose to.
I thought too much, lived too much in the mind. It was hard to make decisions.
  • I am strong, this will not break me.
  • Neither the past, present, or future can be changed through my overthinking.
  • I will gladly solve any challenging situation.
  • I have the power to change what does not serve me.
  • I am self-assured in my worldly perception.
  • My mind is calm.
  • I will restrict my imagination.
  • I have a bright future ahead of me.
  • I am thankful for the lessons from my past.
  • My work is easy and stress-free.
  • I am free from stress and anxiety.
  • I am in control of my life.
  • I have power and control over where my thoughts will go.
  • I am choosing to be happy right now.
  • I have self-control and know that I am not continually making errors or mistakes.
  • I control my anxieties.
  • I am more liberated from my thoughts by the day.
  • The past has no power or control over me.
  • Mindfulness is helping me to see things in a new way.
  • I am capable of challenging any negative thoughts.
  • I accept everything that has happened.
  • I will accept and embrace everything that happens.
  • I can conquer every obstacle facing me.
  • This is a feeling and that is valid, but I know I am okay.
  • I will look to facts for solutions.
  • My thoughts are not me.
  • I forgive myself of all past mistakes.
  • I am in the process of positive change.
  • I attract positive energy.
  • Everything in life is happening for me.
  • I have nothing to worry about.
  • I am free from constraints.
  • I will stop identifying myself with my obsessive thoughts.
  • I get peace by focusing on things that I can control.
  • I make my thoughts work in my favor.

How To Stop Overthinking:

Here are some tips that have worked well for me in the past. Each and every one of them can be used and practiced individually and will definitely help you out in some way.

  • Focus on the present moment.
  • Exercise.
  • Practice affirmations twice daily.
  • Visualize the affirmation working.
  • Meditate.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
More tips here.

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